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Time Line for Roman History after 1 CE.

CE 14 Augustus dies. Tiberius picked to succeed him.
CE 43 Claudius includes Britain into the Roman Empire.
CE 70 Titus invades Jerusalem. The area is annexed by the Empire.
CE 96 to 180 The Flavian and Antonine emperors Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, and Marcus Aurelius Antoninus give the Empire about a century of prosperity and peace.
CE 115 Parthia is conquered by the Military. This is the pinnacle of Roman expansion.
CE 180 The death of Emperor Marcus Aurelius calls in a century of disorder and chaos. Private armies fight it out to put their own candidate into the throne.
CE 212 Caracalla allows all of the communities of the Empire to become citizens.
CE 284 to 306 Reorganization of the Empire by Diocletian. He divides power between himself and three other high-ranking men.
CE 313 Constantine the Great gave the Christians a right to freedom of worship with the Edict of Milan.
CE 330 Constantine makes Constantinople the new imperial capital.
CE 395 The empire divided into eastern and western sections in an effort to keep order and discipline.
CE 410 Visigoths sacked Rome. Roman legions come back from Britain to help fend off the Visigoths.
CE 451 to 455 Huns raided Gaul and Italy. Vandals sack Rome.
CE 476 Last emperor, Romulus Augustulus, is gone. The Roman empire is completely over.